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Start of a LightSwitch Blog

| Lightswitch | januari 24, 2013

Hello all,

Laurentz Tonniau

my name is Laurentz Tonniau a new LightSwitch blogger in town! I’m a LOB developer at the firm Firmware :). I normaly speak and write Dutch so don’t mind my English spelling mistakes. When I started there almost 3 years ago, they developed all there applications in MS Access with SQL Server as back-end. Most of our applications we develop are ERP , CRM or BI custom made for SMEs in Belgium.

In my first year of work I learned a lot about business processes and how to translate business requirements into a working program. So I used the MS Access tool every day. But I didn’t like the IDE because it feels a bit “aged”, I could compare it to Visual Studio because that was THE tool we used at school. So I started a quest to find the perfect tool to create business applications. I started looking at WPF and tried it for a wile but the development time was way to high and finding the best technology for every layer frustrated me! So we are now in the summer of 2011 and look what I found: LightSwitch 2011! I tried it and fell in love…

In the time that passed since then I already created 3 ERP systems with it. My first application, where I went all in on LightSwitch was a project management application with time registrations and a invoice module. Some weeks ago I update the program to LightSwitch 2012 and used the HTML 5 client for time registrations, how cool is that!

My second one is a ERP program for a outlet store, they need a way to easily input new articles and sell them. I heard the word “easily” so LightSwitch came to the rescue!

My last one was the biggest, I had to create a business application for a manufacturer of dessert cups with all the modules of a mature ERP system from order to delivery. There is also a link to 4 weighing scales in the production where people can enter a recipe number and the scales tells them what to weigh and how much  very cool stuff! When I need some calculation power I call my Stored procedures and the job gets done within a second, this is handy to finish a production where there are a lot of ProductStockMovements to create. Tracing is an other important requirement for a food company, here it’s possible to find all pallets (with cups on them) that are produced with a certain product. All you have to do is fill in the supplier reference of that product and you are good to go. So now that the application has been live for over a year I can proudly say that I (1 developer) created this custom application from the ground up in 8 months adding modules as i went working on it for 2 days a week! And to answer the question “if LightSwitch can handle a lot of data” the answer is YES! With my system they create almost 700 invoices a month with the simple press of a button ;)

So this was me in short story and my experiences with LightSwitch! Will be continued…



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13 Responses to "Start of a LightSwitch Blog"
  • Carl Cubillas 01/25/2013

    Hi Laurentz,

    Great post! I also used Lightswitch for a Car Rental Management software when it was still on Beta. I was able to finish the application in just a week while still learning how LS works. Unfortunately after that I hadn’t had the chance to work with LS again. But now LS looks much more powerful and with the new HTML5 client its definitely something to look at again.

    Good to know someone is utilizing LS and having great success with it. Looking forward to future blog posts.

  • paul 01/25/2013

    Looking forward to your posts!

  • Jan Van der Haegen 01/25/2013

    Hey Laurentz!
    We met last year and when you told me about your first-hand LightSwitch experience, sitting in between the endusers while coding the app to their needs, I knew you’re the kind of guy with that pragmatic take on software development that everyone could learn from! I’m looking forward to reading your story!
    Keep rocking LS!

  • Ruud Jeursen 01/26/2013

    Hi Laurentz, welcome to the “Lightswitch-bloggers-club” ! Nice to see that another former MS Access user chose to focus on LightSwitch. I’m looking forward to your upcoming articles. Good luck !!

  • Daniel Peters 01/26/2013

    Hi Laurentz,

    Nice to read your blog. I can say I had similar experiences as yours. As former Access-developer I began, some years ago, searching for other technologies within the microsoft suite. So I did some trials with WPF and Silverlight even ASP. Problem is, I’m more a business solutioner who likes to develop. So my focus is on the solution and I like to have a tool that gets me relatively fast to the solution. When your used to a tool like Access, I was amazed how complicated it was to create something in WPF or Silverlight. The learning curve was enormous and I had the feeling I wasn’t very productive at all! But then there was LightSwitch and for me it was the tool I was waiting for! So, now to my great satisfaction I’m learning and using LS.
    Looking forward for your next blog episode.

    Daniel (from Belgium)

  • Naser 01/27/2013

    Geachte Tonniau,

    Ik ben blij dat u dutch schrijft , en ik ben blij dat u betrokken bent met Lightswitch , wie weet of u mij kunt helpen , met printen in lightswitch.
    Heeft u een tips voor mij , maar niet mij wijzen naar Beth Massi blog of een ander blog,
    Printen in lightswitch door Silver light of door word of pdf , het maak niets uit als maar werkt.


    • ltou 01/29/2013

      Hallo Naser!

      Kan je iets specifieker zijn met wat er niet lukt?

      Ik zelf gebruik DevExpress Reports voor het maken van rapporten en natuurlijk ook het printen ervan.

  • Rene Prado 02/01/2013

    Lightswitch is not Access replacement but a new LOB tools with a constraint UI and no built-in reporting engine. Lightswitch IDE is new but very slow also the apps. If only Access services is not based on sharepoint server enterprise but hosted directly in IIS, then this blog cannot and will not exist….maybe there is politics and conspiracies inside MSTF.

  • Naser 02/01/2013

    Hallo Itou,

    Bedankt voor uw antwoord, het gaat over print in Lightswitch zonder Xtradevexpress extenion , in word , of via custom controle with SilverLight, of zelf via Asp , ik zit te offenen met een boek van Tim Lung , pro Lightswitch 2011 in de boek staat een voorbeeld over de mogelijkheid te print using ASP EN SILVER LIGHT, ZELF IK KOM NIET VOLLDIG UIT , ERGENS EEN FOUT MELDING, OP HET LAATSTE.
    Van daar dat ik u schrijven of u een tip , of tutoria maar niet van Beth Massi , die heb al eerder gezien.


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  • […] He’s been a user of LS for over a year and has written 3 large ERP systems with it. Check out his first post where he talks about his projects and experiences. Blog: http://www.firmware.be/blog/ Twitter: […]

  • […] He’s been a user of LS for over a year and has written 3 large ERP systems with it. Check out his first post where he talks about his projects and experiences. Blog: http://www.firmware.be/blog/ Twitter: […]

  • mustsoft 09/05/2013

    Hi Everybody :
    i have Visual studio 2012
    and i have installed the devExpress last version “DevExpressUniversalTrial-20130815.exe”
    but when i browse the light switch extensions i can’t find devexpress extension there
    would please anyone tell me the solution .

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